Where is happening

Here you can find all the points in the city where Festival will place activities.

tussen de bogen 2.jpg

Tussen De Bogen Studios (workshops My Day Saturday)

Lessons in The Studios at Tussen de Bogen, Artist are opening their studios to Develop lessons about Tango, Chacarera, Rock & Roll and others.


Boom Chicago(Show, Masterclass and gala night Sunday)

A great show in a great venue, Boom Chicago will host the most intensive Day in tango events. Brunch Tango following for a Masterclass by Ezequiel and Geraldin, Tango For Export and the Gala night of the Festival.



We are looking for the best venues to host Milongas and Practicas to you during the Festival. Free activities try out and More with Tangomatter concept in Amsterdam. All information will be plaved here soon